General FundConstruction of Residual Containment AreaMatangadCompleted
General FundConstruction of Material Recovery FacilityMatangad Completed
General FundRepair/Maintenance of Municipal BuildingPoblacion Completed
20% MDFConstruction/Concreting of Terminal PavementPoblacion Completed
20% MDFConst. of Bus Terminal & Pasalubung Center Phase 2Poblacion Completed
General FundConstruction/Improvement of Waterworks SystemP7 Quezon Completed
SEFImprovement of District OfficePoblacion Completed
General FundRepair/Maintenance of Waterworks SystemP4 Poblacion Completed
General FundImprovement of Municipal Plaza -TilesPoblacion Completed
DAR/LGUConst. of Herbal Products Processing CenterG. Pelaez Completed
Infres/Trust FundRepair/Maintenance of P4-P5 &P6 Quezon FMRQuezon Completed
SEFSchool Gate of Natalio BongcasKilangit Completed
SEFSchool Gate of Quezon Elementary SchoolQuezon Completed
SEFConst. of Comfort Room – KindergarteenPangayawan Completed